Looking for a way to connect with others and have an opportunity to grow and learn together?

Here at CFBC we believe that it is important to be connected to our church family regularly and outside of Sunday morning.  Through our home groups you will develop a real, lasting, relationship with really great people.

What is a Home Group?


A Home Group is a gathering of people who meet in homes and provide support for one another. The type of support can range from the practical to emotional and spiritual, depending on the needs of the members.

These groups may vary between 6-7 in a group or be as large as 12 or more. Home Groups meet regularly, usually once per week or bi-weekly for some groups. (Home Groups currently do not meet during the summer months)

Because of work commitments, we often need to take employment opportunities that involve moving away from our families of origin. So it becomes very difficult to stay closely connected with our family members who usually help us raise our children, give us the support that we often need as parents, and provide community for our families.

This is why we believe Home Groups are so important. Our Home Groups at Central Fellowship Baptist Church are family-oriented to give people the opportunity to experience a “community” setting. You will soon get to know the people in your group, spend time with them outside of the group, and make new friends.

Whether you are new to Prince George or have been here for a while, we would like to invite you to join one of our Home Groups where you will be welcomed and accepted as part of our church family.