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Sometimes its good to take a step back and take a high-level view of things, especially when there are a lot of details that can muddle our view. For some, the Old Testament can be overwhelming because we’ve never had a chance to step back and take in the big picture. Some say its too hard to keep track of all the places, names, laws and commands. Some have never had a glimpse of how it all goes together. Some like to just stick to New Testament because its full of hope, love and forgiveness. The reality is, we can’t fully understand the New Testament without the Old, and we can’t really understand the Old Testament until we see how it goes together.

To help get this picture of how it goes together, we’re going to Binge-read the Bible. We will walk through four sections of the Old Testament in four weeks as we look at how they fit together. Each Sunday we will ask for you to submit questions you have about the Bible and we will spend some time on Wednesday at Life Together looking at these. So please join us as we Binge Read the Bible together.