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THIS SUNDAY - We are resuming our look at the Beatitudes this week with, “Blessed are the peacemakers”. Take some time to ponder what a peacemaker is and how it might differ from a peacekeeper. Please come join us in person at 10 a.m. or watch online at Church Online.

FREEDOM SESSION GRADUATION - Come join us on Monday evening, May 6th at 7:00 pm at CFBC as we celebrate with those who are graduating from Freedom Session. This is an excellent time to show support to those that have put in much work over this last year to work on themselves and to draw near to the LORD. If you are interested in hearing more about Freedom Session this is your opportunity!

PLAN TO PROTECT TRAINING - On Monday, June 10th from 6:30 pm-8:30 pm there will be a training session for all the new volunteers that signed up for the nursery ministry and club DJ (pizza will be provided). Please make sure you mark your calendars as you need to complete the training to become qualified for the position you are applying for. If you need an application, please contact the office or Karen Walkey

JOB OPPORTUNITY - We need someone to step up to the role of Janitor for the end of this coming June. If anyone is interested or would know someone who would be interested in the job please reach out to the office for more information.  

MISSION OPPORTUNITY - Are you a teacher or administrator that the Lord is nudging towards something new? Mission Aviation Fellowship recruits’ teachers for mission schools around the world, including Hillcrest. Currently, they have a real need for a multi-grade elementary teacher in Wamena (where one of the MAF bases is, in Central Papua). Please follow the link to Register or if you want more information, please talk to Wendy Graham.

NESS LAKE MEN’S CAMP AVERAGE GAMES ADDITION -  Men's camp registration is open! Mark your calendars and get your buddies together for a weekend of being average! Register here.
Date: Fri May 3 (arrive after supper) to Sun May 5 (depart after lunch)
Age: Men aged 12 years and up (all campers under 19 years must be accompanied by an adult)
Theme: The Average Games Edition! Come test your skills and compete against other average Joe's!
Cost includes meals (and accommodations for weekend campers):
 $155/ea early bird rate ($170/ea after Apr 3) for the weekend
$95/ea early bird rate ($105/ea after Apr 3) for Saturday only
4 inspiring speakers will lead us through our sessions this year: Micah Brookhart, Dan Hoffman, Joel Carlaw & Steve Wilson

GIVING - Generosity has little to do with how much you have.  It has everything to do with the attitude of your heart and your faithful obedience to God. Generosity is one of those perspective-altering things…when we focus on the needs of others, we become less selfish and happier. When you only think about the things you don’t have or how miserable things are, it’s tough not to feel bad.  But when you think about God’s goodness and grace, despite our own mess-ups, our perspective changes. You can place your gifts in the donation box in the foyer or use the debit machine there. You can also give via eTransfers or online at Give Online.

Pastor Jason McAllister | Email Jason