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SUNDAY - Hope is the focus for our second Advent Sunday. What does it mean to hope? You can also join us live at Church Online 

Sunday, December 18 at 10:00 a.m. Children’s Christmas program. There are no rehearsals but all children are welcome to participate. We will be asking for some adult volunteers from the audience as well. Contact Emilie Dorie if you can provide costumes (bathrobes for shepherds, wise men; angels, animal costumes etc). 
Saturday, December 24 at 6:00 p.m. Candlelight Christmas Eve service.
Sunday, December 25 - no service.
Sunday, January 1  at 10:00 a.m. -a special New Year’s Day service. 

ADVENT - Check our social media channels for Scripture to read and meditate on.“Like” and “follow” us on Facebook or Instagram.

CHRISTMAS HAMPERS - together with the Caring Team, we will be providing food hampers to local individuals and families in need.  Sign up to donate items or to help pack and deliver hampers. Donations must be brought to the church by no later than 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 15. Hampers will be packed and delivered on Saturday, December 17. Monetary donations designated to the “Benevolence Fund” between now and December 15 will be used to purchase any needed food items. Contact the church if you know of someone needing a hamper. Let us work together to be the Lord’s hand, extended during this blessed and holy season.

FINANCIAL REPORT as of October 31, 2022
                             Oct             Sep 1 - Oct 31
Income:         15,916         26,589
Expense:      15,665        31,158
Net:                      -251        - 4,569          

ROKEBY UPDATE - As we begin the Advent season, we are reminded of our Christmas spent in Japan in 2015.  Christmas in Japan is different from North America.  A "traditional" Christmas feast in Japan is purchased from KFC and comes complete with a bottle of champagne.  Most Japanese people do not know about Christ, so Christmas is a secular celebration and is not a holiday. Download the Rokeby Update

FAIR is the Fellowship’s Aid and International Relief arm. We will be highlighting some of their special appeals in the coming months. Cedar Home for girls outside of Beirut, Lebanon was ruined by war but has good bones. It is seen as being the perfect place to start a school for young men to learn the trades; to be equipped with skills and exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Good Bones Special Appeal is seeking to raise $150,000 for building repairs, renovations and furnishing the revitalized school. More details are available in the foyer or visit FAIR-Good Bones

WE NEED YOU - We are looking for a Library Coordinator. Call the office if you can help.

NESS LAKE BIBLE CAMP 2023 NLBC Polar Bear Dip on January 1 is an annual fundraiser for the Camper Sponsorship fund that helps send kids to camp whose families cannot afford it. Details and registration for dippers and spectators are at Polar Bear Dip. (They want to make enough cinnamon buns for all!).  Who will partner with them to raise pledges for their dip in the water? The first 75 'dippers' get an exclusive t-shirt too!  

YOUR GIFTS - Giving is a principle that is taught throughout the Bible. When we tithe and give, we tangibly express worship by putting God first in our lives, all while allowing us to be part of the most important work in life which is spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ! A debit machine is available in the foyer. You can also give via eTransfers or Give Online.

PRAYER - We want to care for you! Email your prayer needs to   

Pastor Jason McAllister | Email Jason