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BE THE CHURCH - Watch the service which is available early Sunday mornings. We continue our series on the book of Acts entitled UNSTOPPABLE. Fredy Orozco, from Northview Church is speaking on Acts 8:1-25. His title is “Scattered Seeds Grow”. 

CONNECT WITH PEOPLE - Watch online with your household this Sunday. Then phone/video call a group of friends to discuss, care and pray for each other. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or use the links that are posted on our website and Facebook page. Church Online

DRIVE IN MEMORIAL! There is a drive-in memorial service for MARK COOKMAN this Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at College Heights Baptist parking lot. You need to register for this event as space is limited. Memorial Registration. The Leadership Team, on behalf of the church, gave a card and flowers to Blake and Corinna in sympathy for Mark’s passing and to acknowledge Art and Pat’s long service to our church.

DAILY BREAD for March-April-May is available at the church office. Contact us if you would like a copy mailed to you.

FAMILY DAY ADVENTURE CRUISE - thanks to everyone who served our community in this way. Go to PG Adventure Cruise for pictures.

LEADERSHIP TEAM - met this past week to work through business items. We approved financial statements for January, looking for a legal review of our Plan to Protect policy, discussed follow up for contacts made related to small group involvement, shared about our ministry coordinator contacts, began discussion on Easter services, heard options for next congregational conversation, reviewed Family Day event, set a date of June 6th for our Spring Planning meeting. We have an extended meeting planned for Saturday, February 27th. Please pray for the Leadership Team.

TRANSITION TEAM - Meets tonight, please pray for them! They are beginning to look at a review of structures to see how they might be improved to help the church fulfill its mission. They meet twice a month. 

YOUR GIFTS – God is at work in our church and community. Thank you for partnering with the ministries of Central Fellowship both locally and globally through your financial gift. Let’s respond to the generosity of the gospel by giving extravagantly to the progress of the gospel in our community and world. Give

CORRECTION: We announced the passing of Wayne “HAMLIN” in last week’s newsletter. It should have stated Wayne HAMBLIN. We apologize for the spelling error and for any confusion it may have caused.

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS:  Tuesday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Pastor Reg will be working from Chilliwack from March 2 - 11. You are welcome to contact him by phone, text or email.

Janice McDonald, Leadership Team Chair
Reg Toews, Transitional Pastor | cell (604) 819-2698 | Email Reg