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Dear Church Family,   

Online Church - is this Sunday, June 21 at 10 a.m. Links will be posted on our website or on our Facebook page . Please be patient as we work out the glitches. We want to thank Northstar Church in Quesnel for welcoming, including and supporting us as we worked through this season of transition.   

Sunday Prayer - via Zoom at 11 a.m. Everyone is welcome to join us for a time of sharing and ministry.  

Connecting your kids
Love is patient...Love is kind... We hear the words Be Kind and Be Calm often these days.  What great words of advice for parents and grandparents who are educating, entertaining and parenting the kiddos in their lives.  Kids are so pleased when we take time to listen to them, read to them, play with them and imagine with them. These acts of love and kindness are impacting their little lives in big ways.  I encourage you to ask God daily for patience and kindness as you demonstrate His love to your kids and grandkids. PS....I miss seeing and teaching them!
Sincerely, Karen Walkey
CFBC Sunday School   

If parents are looking for resources for children, check out the kids’ RightNow Media library at  

Transitional Ministry - A church health survey was emailed out last weekend. Today is the final day for you to complete it. We are looking for as wide a participation as possible for all those who call CFBC home. The transition team will be sharing a report based on the results of the survey. Pray for the transition team: Afton Zral, Doug Gairns, Jed Zimmerman, Judi Blackwell, Aimee Omit and Pastor Reg as they begin this ministry with the church.   

Connecting - If you would like to arrange a meeting with Pastor Reg, please contact him on his cell (604) 819-2698 or email [email protected] 

Help Needed – Our weekly service is now online, and we need help with editing videos and posting on YouTube. Please contact Pastor Reg if you are willing to help.  

Communication from The Leadership Team - We met on Tuesday and reviewed the transitional ministry to date and provided Pastor Reg with additional names to contact. We also discussed a preliminary budget, a phased in plan for meeting again and congregational care. The church usually has a Spring Planning Meeting in June and we are looking for ways to facilitate this. You can anticipate receiving a financial report soon.  

Inspire your marriage - On September 12, 2020 gather with us at Central Fellowship as we join thousands of couples in churches across North America for #MarriageNight2020. Learn from Les & Leslie Parrott, Matt & Lauren Chandler, Conway & Jada Edwards, and comedian Michael Jr. Register now at MarriageNight2020. Date and time subject to change due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Ministry Support - Please pray that we would continue to support the ministry of CFBC prayerfully and financially at As always, we want to thank you, our faithful supporters, as you help carry us through this difficult time.   

Serving together,
Reg Toews, Transitional Pastor
Janice McDonald, Leadership Team Chair