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SUNDAY - Join our worship service this week and hear Pastor Jason’s next message in the series “Encounters with Jesus”. Activity packs are available for children. Sermon notes will be available for download on Sunday for personal and small group use at Sermon Notes. Our online service is available at Church Online.

LEADERSHIP TEAM -  a crucial point of our study book this week was that we speak God’s Word to someone and the Holy Spirit enables the response. Our challenge then, is to focus more on the people and God’s work in them, rather than the busyness of “doing”.  The members of the Leadership Team that attended the Freedom Session graduation ceremony on Monday were struck by the depth of work and transformation that God was doing in the lives of the graduates. 

SPRING PLANNING MEETING - is scheduled for June 5. The plan is to have a potluck after the Sunday morning service followed by the meeting. 

MAY BENEVOLENCE INITIATIVE - is to provide food for The Little Blue Pantry Project.  Please drop off your donations of non-perishable food items in the church kitchen or designate your offering to “Benevolent Fund”.  

SPRING WORK BEE is being planned for June 3 and 4.  We need your help. The biggest task will be to repair the ramp and patio area. Food will be provided. Contact Neil Unger for details.

FINANCIAL REPORT as of April 30, 2022
                             Apr            Sep 1 - Apr 30
Income:        $11,986        $118,642
Expense:      $15,132        $124,647
Net:              -$   3,146       -$    6,006
PG FOR UKRAINE - As families from Ukraine settle in (7 have come so far, 3 more are on their way), we start getting requests for assistance. Contact Charles Scott at (250) 960-0246.

BABY BOTTLE CAMPAIGN (Mother’s Day through Father’s Day) The Baby Bottle Campaign helps vulnerable women flee abusive relationships and provides all the maternity and baby supplies she needs. Be part of this life-changing work by picking up a bottle today in the lobby or visit

GIVING - For God so loved the world that He gave…Giving is an act of love. We give because God first loved us and he freely offers us salvation.  Your donation helps us spread the message of God’s love. Give.

PRAYER - We want to care for you! Email your prayer needs to  

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS:  Tuesday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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