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THIS SUNDAY - This week we are starting a new series entitled: “When Faith Doesn’t Work”. We will be looking at the often-used phrase “God won’t give you more than you can handle”. Is this biblical? Is it true? Join us in person at 10 a.m. or watch online at Church Online.

FINANCES - Our General Fund income is currently running at only 80% of our budget while our expenses are running at 94% of our budget resulting in a YTD deficit of $21,982.  As of the end of April, we had $11,547 in the general fund bank account which will last for a maximum of 6 months if this trend continues.  We have made some cost-cutting adjustments including moving to a part-time administrator position in order to reduce expenses, but we also urge you to evaluate your giving.
Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.  2 Cor 9:6-7

SPRING PLANNING MEETING - will be held on Sunday, June 11 following a potluck lunch. This is when we elect people to the Leadership Team and ministry coordinator positions and discuss our budget for fall. Watch your email inbox for the meeting package which will be sent this week. Copies will also be available in the foyer.

EADIE UPDATE - In just a couple of days the Eadies are starting their 12th trip across the sea as a family, from Papua, Indonesia to Canada.  And, it will be our last "full family" trip with our eldest, Luke. I remember first arriving in Indonesia 12 years ago and holding Luke as a sick 6-year-old on my lap for a two-plus hour taxi ride in Jakarta. We had too many carry-ons (rookie mistake with small kids) but somehow we survived it. Now, he's turning 18 and heading "home" to Canada (where he has only spent a 3rd of his life). How good God has been in watching over our family all of these years. This summer will be busy for us, but we are excited to see as many of you as we can as we travel throughout BC. Thank you to each one of you who play an important part of how God is using MAF in Papua. Download the June Eadie Update.

SUMMER LAWN MOWING - we need your help keeping our yard looking presentable this summer. Please sign up to mow the lawn one (or more) times this summer or contact Dennis Lawrence. It needs to be done prior to each Sunday. 

BABY BOTTLE CAMPAIGN - is the Benevolence initiative for May. All monetary donations designated ‘Benevolent’ during May will be given to Advokate’s Hope for Women or you can pick up an empty baby bottle from the foyer to fill with cash.

BREAD FOR ALL SUDAN - On April 15, 2023, armed conflict broke out in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. This battle for power and influence has killed hundreds of civilians and paralyzed already strained food and medical supply chains. FAIR (Fellowship Aid and International Relief) asks for donations for the “Bread for Sudan”  project to support local missionaries. $25,000 would provide funding to make available 12 months' worth of food baskets for 150 families. Donate at Bread For All Sudan.

NESS LAKE BIBLE CAMP Cans for Kids! promotion is on May 27 at the Nechako Bottle Depot. Your 5-cent cans are worth 10 cents to us for our annual Camper Sponsorship bottle drive fundraiser because Nechako Bottle Depot doubles the value of your cans/bottles/milk jugs to us!  See the poster in the foyer for more details. you can even win a free camp session!

GIVING is a form of worship.  It’s a way that we say thanks to God and serve our community.  But it’s also a matter of perspective – keeping us grounded in the things that really matter. You can place your gifts in the donation box in the foyer or use the debit machine there. You can also give via eTransfers or Give Online.

Pastor Jason McAllister | Email Jason