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JOURNEY WALL - November 13 (7-9 pm) & 14 (9-12 pm) at the church. Click here to register Journey Wall. If you wish to join online via Zoom, please indicate when you register by adding the word “Zoom” after your name - Jane Doe - Zoom. You will receive an email link to join the meeting.

The Journey Wall is a safe, open environment where the church (you) asks, “Where have we been?” and “What is our history and what can we learn from it?” It will help us come face to face with those things that may assist or hinder our ability to move forward into the future. It is a time of exploration of what God has done, what may have gone wrong, what lessons have been learned, all to help us develop a pathway forward.

ONLINE CHURCH – on Sunday mornings. We are working through our series: Together “Living the One Anothers”. Links will be posted on our website and on our Facebook page.  Watch groups are strongly encouraged (limited to 6 people). Watch the service, care and pray for each other. You can watch any time here: Church Online

FINANCIAL REPORT for September and October:
14,839 September revenue 
14,280 October revenue 
29,119 Total revenue
33,856 Sept + Oct expenses 
 -4,737 Net loss 

The shortfall to date compared to our budget to date is $20,736.
The amount needed to meet our budget is $20,927/month or $4,829/week.

CHRISTMAS HAMPERS - Once again we are seeking to bring the love of Christ in a practical way to people in our congregation and our community. Our goal is to prepare and distribute 20 food hampers! Sign up this weekend at the Journey Wall event to donate food items, donate financially or volunteer. If you know of an individual or family in need who would be blessed by receiving a Christmas hamper, please contact Becky Gairns or the office no later than Wed. Dec 16th.

PRAYER REQUESTS - We want to care for each other and are seeking ways to do that best in this season. You can call or email the office. If you have an urgent prayer need, text 604-819-2698.

YOUR GIFTS - Thank you for your ongoing prayers and financial support that meet needs in our church and in our community. You can give online at Give or call the church to set up eTransfers and for other ways to give.

Serving together,
Janice McDonald, Leadership Team Chair
Reg Toews, Transitional Pastor | cell (604)819-2698 | Email Reg