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SUNDAY SERVICE - we have two special guests this week. Cristyn Bergen, a missionary we support at InterVarsity, will lead us in worship. Steve Wilson will continue our “Lent: Cross Examinations” series, speaking from Mark 14:1-11. There is Sunday School for children ages 3 to Grade 3. Sermon notes will be available for download on Sunday for personal and small group use at Sermon Notes.

ONLINE SERVICES are available for those who are unable to attend at Church Online.

LEADERSHIP TEAM met on Wednesday. Church membership was highlighted and discussed. Church membership is important because it is one way to help your Leadership Team be more faithful shepherds. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact one of the Leadership Team members. 
The Discernment Team will soon have nomination forms available for three positions on the Leadership Team. The Leadership Team is looking forward to meeting with the Ministry Coordinators on March 30th. 

COMMISSIONING SERVICE for Pastor Jason McAllister on Sunday, April 3rd. Plan to attend and celebrate with us. Mike Mawhorter from Fellowship Pacific will lead the service. Join us for potluck lunch after the service. 

NESS LAKE BIBLE CAMP The snow is slowly starting to melt and there are happy kids running all over camp as they enjoy being here for Spring Break Camp. We absolutely love to see our facilities being used by happy people. Campers are already signing up and we have a few waitlists started. Ness Lake Bible Camp is hiring for a variety of roles -Office Manager, Guest Services Manager, Operations Director. More information and detailed job descriptions can be found at Ness Lake.

WELCOME BASKET - for the McAllister family. Cards and/or contributions can be put in the basket in the kitchen before April 3rd. 

YOUR GIFTS - Giving is a principle that is taught throughout the Bible. When we tithe and give, we are expressing worship in a tangible way by putting God first in our lives, all while allowing us to be part of the most important work in life that is spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ! Give

PRAYER - We want to care for you! Come to the Prayer Corner after the Sunday service or email your prayer needs to  

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS:  Tuesday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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